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QA Automation Engineer | Cluj & Brasov


This role would fit an agile QA Engineer with experience in building test automation frameworks.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Work closely with the development team and customer representatives to understand product requirements and test scenarios
  • Team-up with current members to maintain, create, review, and improve existing automated frameworks and tests according to the requirements
  • Maintain, create, review, and improve QA related documentation and software documentation in general
  • Report defects based on root-cause analysis and follow up their lifecycle
  • Collaborate with DevOps on maintaining and improving integration tools and test environments
  • Gather recurring test automation reports
  • Help onboard new colleagues

What you need for this position

Must have

  • ~5 years of experience as a QA, of which ~ 3 years in building test automation frameworks
  • knowledge of either Protractor, Selenium,
  • good knowledge of REST API
  • knowledge of Git or any other versioning tool

Nice to have knowledge and/or experience with:

  • testing web and mobile apps
  • Groovy, Spock
  • BDD, Gherkin
  • MongoDB
  • Docker, Jenkins
  • JMeter, Taurus


  • Exciting projects most of the time with direct customer contact
  • Experienced team members with high professional standards
  • Dedicated technical coaching from a more experienced colleague
  • Internal and external trainings, certification programs and a learning path
  • Hybrid working style: what best suits you, the team and the project
  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Sport activities like biking, tennis, football, hiking etc.

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Colleague Colleague

I knew from the first day that we are going to get along with my mentor. I got the impression, that we had similar styles, so it was really easy to ask. After my internship program, I think we became friends through work and other activities, so now we can work together easily.


Colleague Colleague

The fact that my colleagues combined work with moments of relaxation, such as sports or discussions, made me realize that I love working this way and that I would like to continue even after my internship.


Colleague Colleague

I met my mentor on the day we had the interview. From that day, he gave a sense of calmness, we felt comfortable discussing everything with him, and that never changed, he was always there to offer explanations with a friendly attitude.


Colleague Colleague

Both of my mentors were really open and showed me how amazing the COERA team is, and how much you can learn when you are among people who love what they do.


Colleague Colleague

The strong point of COERA is that all the teams share the same behavior regarding work. So in some ways, the entire team influenced me to stay. It is nice to feel well-included, being treated the same way. Here people really try to help you, and not to just show off their skills.


Colleague Colleague

I always felt like my mentor’s goal was to help me integrate into the team, and to show that we were equals working towards a common goal. The atmosphere of familiarity, everyone being close to the others, the COERA spirit convinced me to stay.


Colleague Colleague

I had a great relationship with my mentor with open and honest communication based on trust and respect. The positive approach in which he led feedback discussions made me improve and never to focus on mistakes.


Colleague Colleague

Joining the team as an intern was smooth. We had and still have a great relationship with my mentor: I could always count on him when encountering technical difficulties or needed insights on the architectural patterns of the project.