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Coera Social

COERA SOCIAL is a not-for-profit organization that provides opportunities for our community to evolve professionally and socially through events that bring people together.

Bringing people together

We create the ambience for people to get to know each other beyond work, to engage in conversations about their hobbies, talents and why not, to form life-lasting friendships.


Health & Wellbeing

We support people’s well-being through sports & community building activities.


Sports events for the adrenalin lovers to let the steam out.

....through various outdoor activities we encourage people to push their limits and try something new, like mountain biking, hiking, tennis, karting, and many more. And for those, seeking a regular activity, we have a football team with weekly games.

Why we love these sports?
colleague Cristian

Football helps you to get to know the people you are working with, and it also helps to relax after a long day of staying with heads in the laptops and only your fingers moving. It also helps the big team of COERA to come together and create bonds.

colleague Mihai

While biking in the hills or forests you can look at a ridge and wonder what you will discover when you get there. Enjoying the beauties of nature while on a bike-track and never knowing whether you’ll have the energy to make it to the end...makes it more exciting.

colleague Cosmin

Taking a corner flat out like you never did before, breaking half a meter later than you did in the previous lap and constantly pushing yourself and the limit of the car gives you a thrill that is hard to replicate somewhere else. That's what racing is all about: the uncertainty of where the limit is and the never-ending search for it.

colleague Alex

Doing sports helps you forget about daily issues. It’s like disconnecting from all the problems. Even though sometimes you might feel lazy, in the end you’ll never regret trying out something new.


Networking & Lifestyle

We empower our community and support passionate people.


Social gatherings: for the community to grow stronger.

....through sharing success stories, we learn, grow and inspire each other. We find it important to make time for celebrations and getaways to build a stronger and well-balanced network.


Retreats: for discovering the breathtaking country we live in.

....through traveling and exploring nature we make memories with the members of our community.

Living consists of creating a synergy between work and health.

Every person has different priorities, therefore we want to provide opportunities for each and every of our members to build themselves.

Please note that the COERA SOCIAL Association does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.