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Learning Community

Learning is a result of planned training, workshops, and everyday work experience such as listening or following role models. Sometimes learning is a conscious decision, but more often it happens when we do our daily job or interact with others.


Professional growth is continuous: we try, fail, learn, and adapt. It requires curiosity, willingness to share, but also time and energy to invest in yourself personally and professionally.

Our learning

You have the
“Voice and Choice”

We are happy to co-design your professional learning path. This way you’ll benefit from a career-long development, which evolves as your aspirations and competencies change.

learning is priority

You will enhance your knowledge and skills by working on challenging projects with teams of professionals and by finding solutions for unique and immediate problems.

Self-responsibility for
following the learning path

We’ll provide you the opportunity for learning, while you, as participant, have the responsibility to engage in this program to maximize the benefits.

We achieve this with
In-house learning platform
Conference participation
Workshops & webinars
Coaching opportunities

Our speakers

Laszlo Sr. Software Architect Applying technology to meet real business needs. Webinar: Identity and Access Management: why you need it. Examples using Keycloak Introduction to IAM with use-case examples. Theory & practice.
Nelu Sr. Product Architect & Product Owner Designing & building custom software products. Webinar: Security Requirements (Why and) How to secure the infrastructure of your system?
Mihai Sr. Software Architect Discovering and applying new tech trends. Webinar: Ingest, store and query big amounts of data using Kafka & ELK stack How to quickly & easily use Kafka & the ELK stack? Introduction & tutorial.
Cristian Lead Software Engineer Inspiring colleagues to challenge themselves. Webinar: Domain Driven Design | Event sourcing & CQRS How to build systems that understand the rules of the domain?
Danut Sr. Software Engineer Developing my skills and training others in the industry. Webinar: Introduction to Elixir programming language Why is Elixir a language for happy developers?
Dani Information security officer Solving complex technical puzzles. Webinar: Vulnerability Scanning Tools How to look for vulnerabilities with automated scanning apps?
Iulia HR Manager Supporting professionals to lift up their careers. Workshop: Business Communication Effective Communication to deliver ideas powerfully in the workplace& speak with confidence Webinar 1: Professional Identity | Values & Competencies How to shape your identity as a professional. Guidance & advice. Webinar 2: Personal Branding | LinkedIn profile How to define & strengthen your personal brand. Techniques and strategies.