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What are White Label Solutions?

Emoke Laszlo

February 27, 2020

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I, as a non-IT person, struggle with all the abbreviations and the strange language that my IT colleagues use, so I decided to share with you what I’ve learned so far.

In this blog post I am going to explain what White Label Solutions are.

White label solutions can be either products or services, that someone creates with the purpose to sell to others. When selling these, rebranding is included: meaning that the specific product gets a new design, which includes the logo and the colors of the buyer.

When someone buys a white label solution, he or she gets the chance to ask for some customized requirements that will make the final product unique and fit for the purchasers’ needs.

Let’s take an example of a soccer jersey or a sport shirt. There is a factory somewhere that creates thousands and thousands of sport shirts a day, all the same. They are highly usable for playing soccer with a special sweat-transporting material. They are sold to Puma, Adidas, Nike and a few others. These brands put their logo on the shirts and some other design elements, create a nice marketing story around it and, of course, raise the price tag.

The essence is a combination of the production company creating a lot of “standard” shirts and each brand tailoring to the needs/preferences of their own target group.

Now going back to IT, white label solutions are easier to be built because of cloud and software as a service delivery models.

    What are the potential threats or disadvantages of buying white-label products?

In the case of mobile apps, there is a possibility of getting rejected by the app stores, because the codes in white label apps are similar or even the same if they are from the same provider. So, this could cause some troubles for the clients, because app stores make a serious effort not to let clone applications to be uploaded.

White label providers might include what their client asked for, without offering consultancy or recommending some additional trending features that the client might not be aware of. In this case the client is missing out an opportunity for reaching a larger audience.

    Why would someone buy a white-label product?

Buying a white label product is a great way to save resources (monetary, human and time) since there is no need to build an app from scratches. The provider will hand over a ready-made platform for the application that can be customized and suited for the needs of the client. White-label solutions are changeable and adjustable platforms, created based on the customer’s vision.

The customer doesn’t need any programming skills, since the professionals will do all the work.

The product will be custom made, with the specific designs, colors and logos included.

Working with a full-stack developer company, thus with highly skilled designers, testers and developers can offer high quality apps fulfilling client needs. Also, white label providers usually offer support and maintenance after the launch in order to fix any issues that might appear.

This is all I’ve got for you today, see you next time when we continue to explore the world behind!